How Fidelity Investments Outsmarted Warren Buffett

Game Changing

For an interesting take on how a quant based approach to problem solving may provide a game changing opportunity in the WSJ:


The problem scenario was that an investor wanted to gain better access or representation at an investors meeting with the Sage. The Sage determined the rules and framework to govern how questions should be raised at these meetings and thus who should raise them. He opted for a lottery based approach, due to demand, in the interest of fairness.

One investor however, would appear to have dug deep by applying a probability based approach to ensure a more favourable outcome! It is the application of such thinking that 2012 and possibly recession is likely to call for. As with previous harsh economic and political times, our current economiccircumstances will require innovation. 

On this upbeat for 2012 if at first you don't succeed....and good luck.

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